Apple working constantly to make Apple Music better for everybody

Apple's head of iTunes International, Oliver Schusser, gave an interview recently in which he spoke about Apple's continual efforts to improve its Apple Music streaming service. The company is constantly gathering feedback from users around the world, and planning improvements to the overall product. Right now, the company is focused on playlists and editorial content, but Schusser also noted that there is work to do with the Connect social platform, though he noted that it is growing in popularity.

From The Guardian :

"Apple Music Connect is growing big-time with more and more artists connecting to their fans, but we still have a bit of homework to be done for the rest of the year."

Apple Music initially launched back in late June, and is currently available in 110 countries. In early August, Apple noted that 11 million people had signed up for the three-month free trial, and later that month noted that 79% of those who signed up for a trial had stuck with the service. With the first trials ending on September 30, Apple is hoping that they can offer a compelling enough product to turn people into subscribers to the tune of $9.99 per month.

Source: The Guardian

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