Apple's Black Friday deals event has gone live out in Australia, and the news is that gift cards are the offer and not price reductions. Across pretty much the entire device range, Apple Store gift cards of varying values are on offer up to a maximum of A$ 150 when buying a new Mac.

It's perhaps disappointing to some that the 'deals' actually involve returning to the Apple Store and buying something else, albeit at a reduced price. Any discounts would have been modest at best, and as ever the best reductions on Apple products can be found elsewhere this Black Friday.

Whatever you've got your eye on, be sure to check out the complete Mobile Nations guide to the Black Friday sales before heading out!

Update: The U.S. Apple Store has now gone live, and it too is following the gift cards promotion as with Australia. $75 when buying a new iPad Air, $150 when buying a new Mac, other smaller amounts when buying iPods, Apple TV, iPad mini and iPad 2. As with other countries the Retina iPad mini seems to be excluded. Gift cards are also available on a variety of third party product purchases.

Source: Apple Australia, Apple U.S.