Apple has released an updated to Cards, a card-creation app for iPhone and iPad. Now you can easily swap photos in templates that contain multiple photos. A few bugs have also been fixed.

To swap photos, you simply drag one of the photos to a different available location in the template and Cards will automatically swap the two photos. The update also includes a fix to the issue that caused previously mailed cards to display as drafts in Card History. And if you were experiencing random crashes while using Cards, that has also, supposedly, been fixed.

Cards is an iPhone and iPad app that let's you create letterpress cards and then order physical versions to be shipped to whoever you want. Each card is crafted from 100 percent cotton paper and imprinted with an elegant debossed design. You can select up to 12 recipients for each card. Cards shipped in the U.S. are $2.99 each and cards shipped to anywhere else in the world are $4.99 each. Unfortunately, Apple does not offer bulk pricing to those who may be interested in sending a card to, say, 50 or more recipients.

How many of you have actually ever ordered cards with Apple's Cards app? Are you happy with the app and the quality of the cards that Apple prints? If you don't use Cards, is there another app, like Sincerely Ink [Free - Download Now], that you prefer? I've used Cards a few times and have always been satisfied with the results, but I would love to explore other options.

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