Apple's SVP of software and services, Eddy Cue, appeared on stage today at the Dropbox Open conference this evening where he talked through the company's enterprise efforts. According to Fortune, Cue touched on Apple's decision to partner with Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft to help with its entry into the enterprise market, noting the segment was a relatively new one for the tech giant.

Speaking further, Cue was bullish on the utility of the iPad in the enterprise, noting a distinct difference once executives and managers started adopting the tablet:

As a result, "board meetings changed" and executives started to swap documents via their iPads. Eventually with business management teams becoming more comfortable using iPads themselves, they started to introduce them to other workers.

And while some analysts say that Apple has a long way to go to become a big enterprise tech player, Cue said that businesses are still in the early stage of adopting mobile technology. That's an area Apple can capitalize on, he insisted.

Apple has already made some big plays for the attention of businesses over the last year, first by partnering with IBM to develop enterprise apps, and then with Cisco in late August. And if Cue's sentiments are accurate, the upcoming iPad Pro — which the exec also demoed on stage this evening — could prove to be a boon for Apple's enterprise ambitions.

Source: Fortune