Apple's influence on gaming

Paul Tassi over at Forbes has written an article taking exception to results tabulated at the London Games Conference, where he feels Apple's influence on the gaming industry was blown way out of proportion.

Ridiculousness, plain and simple. Sure, Steve Jobs was a great tech pioneer, but giving him credit for shaping the VIDEO GAME industry more than any other figure? Are you kidding ? Though the iPhone debuted some very popular casual titles like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, they hardly invented the cell phone game, and to say that ANY mobile game is more relevant to the industry than years of console and PC titles is absolute insanity. Then to give Jobs the top honors over Gabe Newell (of Valve) and Shigeru Miyamoto (of Nintendo) is blasphemy, plain and simple. Gaming was never Jobs’ primary focus, as Macs can barely play most PC games, and only recently has the iPhone made waves in the casual games market.

iPhone's influence was pegged at 17% compared to 7% for the Wii and 3% for Xbox live. Steve Jobs at 26% vs. Gabe Newell at 16% and Shigeru Miyamoto at 7%. No doubt a lot of this can be ascribed to the familiarities and feelings of the people being surveyed, and that's the problem with popularity surveys. I love gaming on my iPhone and iPad and Apple has certainly done a lot for mobile gaming. But a greater influence than some of the other runners up mentioned above? Craziness.

Source: Forbes