Apple's new iPhone 4S ad sees Siri joking with John Malkovich

Apple has released their third and fourth celebrity iPhone 4S ads, both starring John Malkovich and Siri. The first is called Joke and the second, Life.

While helping John Malkovich plan a night out, Siri shows him her funny side.

After John Malkovich gets philosophical, Siri is ready with an answer.

With classical music playing in the background, Joke sees Malkovich ask Siri for the weather, for his evening calendar, restaurants featuring linguica, and then for a joke.

Life sees John Malkovich ask Siri that very word. Siri responds with a list of idealistic, philosophical suggestions for how to better exist in the world.

Previous iPhone 4S commercials with Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel featured Siri as well, as have commercials with santa, and with actors portraying regular people.

Highlighting Siri in commercials remains somewhat controversial, given Siri's beta status and user complaints that, in real life, results are never as fast or as problem free as they're portrayed in the videos. Polls, including an informal one run by iMore reveal Siri usage remains low among iPhone 4S owners.

Due to the relative newness and novelty of natural language interfaces in mainstream products, however, Siri remains one of the most demonstrable features of the iPhone 4S, which is no doubt why it gets so much of the marketing attention.

John John Malkovich