The title doesn't give an exact quote, but if I was to say there's a gist to this interview, that would be it. CNN Fortune interviewed Apple's Greg Joswiak, who is in charge of marketing for iPhones and iPods. As is almost always the case with an interview like this, he doles out the money quotes like Michael Jordan sticks out his tongue. Some of it we've heard before -- they want to take time to make sure everything is going alright, and there isn't really any new news, just that it's presented in more detail than before:

"I think the software development kit (SDK) that’s going to be available for the iPhone is very interesting, because we think that with the revolutionary multi-touch interface and the phenomenal product that the iPhone is, and certainly having OS X underneath it, that it’s going to be an unbelievable platform for developers.

"Of course what we want to make sure we’ve done is keep the phone safe and reliable, and that’s why it’s taken us a little while to get this SDK out. Especially now that we’ll have a real SDK which means legitimate developers are going to come into the space. There are all kinds of fantastic and great things that they’re going to do.


"We do our best to try to understand what customers are going to want down the road. I’m fond of the Wayne Gretzky quote — you skate to where the puck is going to be. We try to understand as we develop our product road map, what’s going to be exciting in the future. And that’s one of the advantages we have over our competitors. Our competitors tend to put the cross hairs on where we are now, and by the time they come up with a product that tries to match where we are now, we’re beyond them. We’re one or two generations beyond, moving faster than they are."