Apple has added two new stories to their "Your Verse" site, featuring Slow Roll city bike rides and Chinese musicians Yaoband. The Yaoband story highlights how the musicians use their iPads to make their music, including how they perform at live shows. From Apple:

Inspired by the pulse of life in modern China, they started by capturing audio samples with iPad and turning them into progressive beats. Nothing was sacred as they flowed in and out of musical genres, mixing electronica with rock, rap, and traditional Chinese songs. "We were just like scientists in a lab, trying many formulas," says Peter. "Every single song was a surprise, because it was always better than I imagined."

The Slow Roll story shows how Slow Roll Detroit coordinates its weekly bike rides through Detroit using the iPad. From Slow Roll's story:

It began simply enough. Just 10 friends on a Monday night ride. Soon it was 20. Then 30. In its second year, the ride grew from 130 to 300 cyclists in two weeks. As the numbers increased, Hall turned to his iPad and made it the command center for all things Slow Roll. "We use it for everything we do, from mapping to communicating to ordering new T-shirts," he says.

We've embedded the YouTube videos for the commercials, but Apple has full pages up for both, including additional videos that highlight how all the apps in the commercials are used. Check them out.

Source: Apple, Yaoband, Slow Roll