Jackson, who joined Apple in 2013, talked about Apple's efforts in renewable energy, as well as the impact of their products on the environment. She spoke about Apple serving as an example to lawmakers about sustainability in business, according to The Wall Street Journal:

But I do think Apple owes something back and that is to bring the innovation that goes into our products and technology to this field of clean energy or resource efficiency. And I do believe that when the private sector figures out how to do it, it makes it so much easier for policy makers in Washington to say, "OK. Now we see a real example that a company can make money and return lots of money to investors, but still be on the right side of sustainability."

Apple has moved forward aggressively into using renewable, environmentally-friendly energy sources at its data centers and other company facilities. The company is also investing $850 million in a new solar farm in California, which will power all of their upcoming Campus 2 facility.

You can watch the video from Jackson's interview that the ECO:nomics conference below.

Source: The Wall Street Journal