Apple's music deals reportedly allow for more Beats live radio stations

Apple's deals with record labels may allow it to expand their live radio ambitions beyond Beats 1. A new report sheds more light on Apple's deals, and opens up for the possibility of more Beats stations. The company has also reportedly registered a number of domains across the world that point to a potential expansion of Beats radio.

From The Verge:

As part of the deal it struck with the major labels for Apple Music Radio, Apple has licenses for up to five additional stations like Beats 1, without having to renegotiate with the labels. That means Apple could launch a Beats 2 station headquartered in Australia or Asia, allowing it to provide live radio around the clock (Beats 1 is only live 12 hours a day). Or Apple could take a more targeted approach and produce holiday stations.

Currently, Beats 1 offers 12 hours of original live content, then playing a repeat broadcast for the other half of the day. An expanded Beats station lineup could offer more live content throughout the day, with more anchor centers around the world, rather than just those in London, LA, and New York.

The report also notes that labels are fairly pleased with the progress of Apple Music so far, with a "substantial" number of users gained in the first five weeks of the service. However, they remain cautious, taking a wait-and-see approach while the first wave of users are still using their trial.

Sources: The Verge, MacRumors