The MacBook Air is a pretty awesome piece of equipment and Apple knows it. A new commercial has hit the airwaves and it proclaims the MacBook Air is the "notebook people love". While it might not be the preferred laptop in Apple's lineup for everyone, those who have one generally don't hesitate to share how much they love the MacBook Air.

The ad itself is rather simple and just flashes through a bunch of MacBook Air lids all decked out in stickers ranging from the Beats logos, Snow White, Homer Simpson and various other pop culture characters, logos and symbols. A sight that's no doubt familiar to many readers out there.

Even my own MacBook Pro has several stickers on it so I can see where Apple was going with this one, the ad creates a relationship between the company, their products and the user. Hit play on the video above and let us know what you think of the ad in the comments. Does your Apple gear resemble anything like the lids in the commercial?