Apple has published its 2016 Environmental Responsibility Report, which covers the 2015 fiscal year and outlines the progress that the company has made in its environmental initiatives. This report offers data on alternative energy consumption, resource use, and safer materials.

Apple's new environmental report focuses on energy and recycling

The company's environmental chief, Lisa Jackson, also detailed three environmental priorities for Apple in the report:

Focus and simplify is one of our mantras. So, after deep reflection, data analysis, and conversations with stakeholders, we set three priorities where we believe Apple can make the most impact: - Reduce our impact on climate change by using renewable energy sources and driving energy efficiency in our products and facilities. - Conserve precious resources so we all can thrive. - Pioneer the use of safer materials in our products and processes.

This report details how we are approaching each of these priorities, and highlights some of our key accomplishments to date.

The report highlights some news that Apple has already shared, such as its solar panel project in Singapore, or the fact that 93% of the facilities run on renewable energy. Additionally, the report reveals that the company was able to reduce its carbon footprint in building the iPhone 6s, which uses 50% less carbon than the iPhone 6.

Apple also notes that it recovered 61,357,800 lbs of material through its recycling program, including large amounts of steel, glass plastics, and aluminum. A good chunk of these recoveries comes from Liam, the company's line of precise, iPhone-disassembling robots, which took apart 1.2 million recycled iPhones last year.

To get the full picture of Apple's environmental initiatives in 2016, be sure to check out the report.