Steve Jobs: Architect of the iPhone

Apple is building a huge, billion dollar data center in North Carolina. However, no one outside Cupertino knows exactly what it's going to be used for (insert Skynet, Matrix, App Store review AI jokes here). That doesn't mean people aren't theorizing, however, including Rich Miller is editor of Data Center Knowledge, who calls the facility "big-a$$":

One of the leading theories about the size of the NC project is that Apple is planning future cloud computing services that will require lots of data center storage. Cloud computing is a hot trend, and I’d be surprised if Apple isn’t thinking hard – and thinking differently – about cloud computing. Many cloud enthusiasts say that cloud computing will eliminate the need for data centers. In reality, the only thing will change is the owner of the building. All the applications and data that are moving into the cloud will live on servers in brick-and-mortar data centers. The companies that are building the biggest data centers tend to also have the biggest cloud ambitions.

What's interesting to TiPb is that, while a lot was recently made of Eric Schmidt resigning from the Apple Board of Directors due to Google entering Apple's business with Android and ChromeOS, a ginormous data center could be construed as Apple taking a single step -- or leap -- towards Google's bread and butter as well...

Anyone have their own theories about Apple's new facility?