Apple's Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi, and Bud Tribble on 30 years of Mac

The incomparable Jason Snell spoke with Apple SVP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, SVP of Software, Craig Federighi, and VP of Software and original Mac team member, Bud Tribble, about the revolution and ongoing relevancy of the Mac, 30 years later. Macworld:

"There is a super important role [for the Mac] that will always be," Schiller said. "We don't see an end to that role. There's a role for the Mac as far as our eye can see. A role in conjunction with smartphones and tablets, that allows you to make the choice of what you want to use. Our view is, the Mac keeps going forever, because the differences it brings are really valuable."

Reading what they have to say, it's clear a lot of people love the Mac, starting at Apple, and at the very top. And it sure seems like, even 30 years later, there's still a whole lot more to come...