Steve Jobs say Apple is the largest start-up in the world, and Posterous CEO Sachin Agarwal not only experienced it, but says that's why things like Apple's own Remote App for iPhone haven't been updated for iPad, iPhone 4, or iOS 4:

Yes, the Remote app is due for an update. But here's why it hasn't been updated: the person who wrote it is busy working on other things. Yes, the person, not the team. (He's a good friend of mine)

Apple doesn't build large teams to work on every product they make. Instead, they hire very few, but very intelligent people who can work on different projects and move around as needed.

Argawal says it isn't uncommon for members of one team to find themselves moved over to something else entirely when ship dates need to be met. That's true for iOS, Mac OS, Pro Apps, and every part of Apple, and something he says is in stark contrast to Microsoft:

Maybe that's the problem at Microsoft: they think they can solve problems by throwing lots of people at them. They put together large teams to build products. And large teams require managers. The last thing we need in software development are more product managers.

[Posterous via 9to5mac]