Netflix sobers up, cancels Qwikster spin-offs

Apple's servers seem to be buckling under the ridiculous load of iOS and Mac users trying to download the massive amount updates released today -- iOS 5, Cards, Find my Friends, Movie Trailers, AirPort Utility, iWork for iOS, Mac OS X 7.2, iPhoto, Aperture, iCloud for Windows, and the on, and on.

Readers are letting us know they're getting download times stretching towards the seemingly infinite, "internal errors" destroying their download hopes and dreams, and various other things that make them want to pull their hair out and dance whatever's the opposite of a snoopy dance. Worst are users trapped in some Schrodinger's paradox -- neither updated nor not, stuck in DFU or Restore mode hell.

It sucks. Literally. All the bandwidth out of the CDNs, the data centers, and likely the net itself. All we can say for now is take a break, catch you breadth, let the servers cool down a little and try again later. That or we can all pull over, get out, and offer to help them push?

Let us know how your updates are going, and if anything has helped, drop it in the comments below or jump over to our iOS 5 Forums and help us trouble shoot.