According to Apple's Q3 2010 conference call today, they've officially passed the monstrous 100,000,000 iOS devices sold milestone. At the iOS 4 sneak preview event on April 8, Steve Jobs revealed Apple had sold 50 million iPhones and 35 million iPod touches. On April 20, Apple announced 8.7 million iPhones sold in Q2. So, if we include those in the 50 million number, add the 8.4 million sold in Q3, that's 58.4 million iPhones alongside 3.3 million iPads, leaving room for 38.3 million or so iPod touches.

To put the iPad numbers in perspective, Apple sold 3.3 million of them in their debut quarter, and they sold 3.5 million Macs during the same period -- their best Mac quarter ever.

And while not all of these devices are still actively being used, theoretically each and every one of them can run most of the 225,000 iPhone apps on the iTunes App Store (iPad runs them boxed or pixel doubled), making a ginormous target for developers.

Those numbers will no doubt increase next year, perhaps adding an iOS Apple TV, an iOS layer on Mac to replace Front Row and Dashboard, and only Steve Jobs knows (and teases) what else.

Any wonder WWDC 2010 focused so much on iOS?