Apple's two-step verification service first rolled out in March, though only to a limited number of countries. Anyone outside the U.S, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand was out of luck, but as 9to5Mac reports, the service has just been switched on in a host of new locations.

We've verified that two-step is now enabled in Canada, but reports are emerging from users in Argentina, Russia, The Netherlands, Pakistan and Austria already that they too can now enable Apple's two-step verification service.

Two-step verification works by requiring a 4-digit code whenever you login to your Apple ID on a new device. If you use an iPhone or iPad, the code can be sent to a trusted device by way of the Find my iPhone app. If you don't have an iOS device, you can still set it up to receive the codes via SMS. You also set up a recovery key that you will be able to use to access your account should you ever lose your trusted device.

The picture is still emerging as to how far this latest rollout has spread, so if you can now activate it let us know where abouts in the world you are. If you're already using two-step verification, let us know how it's been working for you. If you haven't tried it out yet, heres your complete guide to getting it set up: How to enable two-step verification for your Apple ID

Source: 9to5Mac