launches Passport app for iPhone, lets you manage your account has released Passport, an iPhone app that aims to make it easy to manage your experience. Current users can sign in to manage their profile, find people to follow, and browse ADN apps. You can download apps without leaving Passport by tapping the “App Store” button next to the application’s name on the list, causing its App Store page to pop up and allowing you to purchase and download the app before dismissing it and returning to the app list.

One other notable feature is that Passport allows people to create a free ADN account without an invite. Up until now, anyone looking to create a free account would need to be invited by a paying member. Now that limitation is gone, will be watching to see the impact this has on the service, and they have said that they reserve the right to disable open sign ups at any time.

Something that Passport very intentionally does not let users do is post or send messages. ADN has grown through the use of apps like Netbot and Felix, and users are encouraged to find a way to experience the service that they enjoy, rather than being moved towards an official solution. For anyone that’s looking to give ADN a try, or just wants a good way to manage their account, Passport is available for free on the App Store right now.

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