Feeling a bit retro lately? Well look no further than these two great games from the 1980's that are currently on sale in the App Store - Konami's 1981 arcade hit Frogger and Namco's 1982 arcade racer Pole Position.

Frogger is now on sale for $1.99. [iTunes Link]


blockquote>The arcade hit is back and on your iPhone/iPod touch. Help Frogger cross the busy obstacles guiding him home. Jump past cars on the road and hitch a ride on logs and turtles while crossing the river. Perils await a careless frog and not all turtles are helpful. Guide 5 frogs to safety and move to the next level.

Pole Position is available for a limited time for $2.99. [iTunes Link]


blockquote>Race to the finish line in this enhanced and upgraded version of Namco's classic arcade racer, Pole Position: Remix, specially tuned for the iPhone! Take to the road with three different intuitive control setups for drivers of all types! Tilt the iPhone to maneuver your car through challenging high speed race tracks in Tilt Steering Mode. Take control of the on-screen steering wheel and spin it to fly through harrowing hairpin turns. Or touch the slider mechanism to avoid hitting cars, billboards and obstacles! Points are awarded for the distance you travel and for each enemy car you pass. Blow by the competition to unlock additional tracks, cars, billboards and graphical themes based on Namco hit games.

Two great retro classics at low prices that you can take advantage of. If you happen to have an application in the App Store that is on sale and want everyone to know about it, feel free to contact us and let us know!

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