Things have been pretty slow this week in terms of noteworthy apps to bring to your attention. Nevertheless , we did find you two gems on sale in a sea of apps. To learn more about these discounted apps, read on after the break!

First up we have a deal for a wildly popular game in the App Store, Mafia Live!. [iTunes Link] You can now score this game for the low price of $.99 for a limited time! For all of you who like pretending you are Tony Soprano, this is your game.


blockquote>You begin your quest to create the most powerful crime family as a rookie on the streets of The City. To do this, you need to buy guns and cars to battle other Mafia Families (other real players around the globe!). To progress in the game, you need to beat other Mafia Families (while gaining experience and taking their cash) and perform other missions to gain respect and hone your skills. As your power and wealth grows, more options become available to you. People will offer you properties to buy in The City; bankers will want to help you launder your cash; and other families will be both jealous and resentful of your success.

Next up we have another game that has just been released by the creators of Mafia Live!, UNDEAD Live. [iTunes Link] Fans of Vampire and Werewolf movies rejoice, this is the game you've been looking for. It works the same way as Mafia Live!, just in a whole other world. And at the price of FREE for a limited introductory price can you really go wrong? We didn't think so either but act fast as this game will go back to it's regular price of $4.99 on March 29th.

If you do grab these two games feel free to add me to your Mafia family (743883128) or your Vampire Clan (173107970). If you have a app in the App Store that you'd like to see mentioned in Apps for Less send us an email and let us know!

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