Regarding apps being updated to support iOS 5

We're getting a ton of emails about apps showing up in the App Store that say they're compatible with iOS 5, and readers/listeners wondering how that could be since iOS 5 isn't public yet. Here's the thing -- developers are not currently allowed to upload anything to iTunes Connect (the App Store backend) that uses the iOS 5 SDK and iOS 5 APIs. However, they may be able to make changes within the iOS 4.x SDK, using iOS 4.x API, that also just so happen to fix compatibility issues with iOS 5. In other words, they might be able to code around problems in iOS 5 for existing apps, but they can't code new iOS 5-specific functionality.

There will likely be cases where devs can't fix something using the iOS 4.x SDK as well, regardless of how clever they are. So we'll once again remind you, if you're using iOS 5 and a specific app doesn't work right, not to leave a bad review. iOS 5 is only available to developers testing apps, not to users complaining about them. Wait until after iOS 5 is released to the public this fall before you start getting on anyone's case.