AppShopper Social uses your friends to find apps for you

App discovery service AppShopper has reappeared on the App Store after being removed last year, and their new app, AppShopper Social, relies heavily on social features to help users find apps. After creating your AppShopper account, you can populate the Friends list either by manually adding friends or adding your Twitter account. When you've added some friends, the Stream will be populated with the apps that they have as well as those in their wish list.

Just like the old app, you can add apps you already own to a list, so they won't be suggested to you, as well as add apps you want to your wish list. With the new social features, you can rate the apps you have, and when people who have added you as a friend view the app, they will see your rating. When viewing the stream, the ratings of your friends will appear as blue stars, as opposed to the black stars that indicate App Store ratings.

One feature that is missing in the initial release of AppShopper Social is the ability to look at your friends individually to see the apps that they have added to their lists, though AppShopper has said that this feature is on its way.

AppShopper Social is a completely new app for iPhone, and is available for free on the App Store. If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

Source: AppShopper blog

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