Archetype, the top-selling and critically acclaimed online first-person shooter game for the iPhone and iPod touch, got a major update today with new features and explosive new in-app content. Users now have full access to Game Center to join matches, earn Achievements, and follow Leaderboards, and they have also added many features that users have been requesting. The update is free and in it you will also have access to the DLC (downloadable content) items for an extra $2.99.

  • Capture the Flag mode: Battle it out with 10 players to capture the other team's flag in new open arenas. And when you have the flag, you’re not defenseless—bludgeon your enemies with the new flag weapon.
  • Three new Environments, including the game’s first outdoor map:
  • Crimson Moon: Outdoor Mining Base of Torim Kafto
  • Aqua Lock: Derelict Dam on Thata Prime
  • Obsidian Skirmish: Military deep space transport.
  • Six new Arenas for Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Capture the Flag (CTF) play:
  • Crimson Moon TDM: Open arena perfect for precision sniping
  • Crimson Moon CTF: Avoid the deadly lava
  • Aqua Lock TDM: Multiple elevations, open areas, and water
  • Aqua Lock CTF: Use the waterways to confuse your pursuers
  • Obsidian Skirmish: Fight your way through the Obsidian in traditional TDM
  • Avarice CTF: Defend your flag in this revisited vertical arena

The update for Archetype HD for the iPad is due out within the next few weeks.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

If you haven't bought Archetype for iPhone yet, they've got a new price tag of only $0.99. If you grab it, let us know your thoughts on the game and the update!

by Brian Tufo

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