To case, or not to case, that is the question. It's the question so many of us ask ourselves whenever we purchase a new Apple device. Do we want to cover up the hotness in the name of protecting it and keeping it pristine underneath. Apple's products are made to be looked at, and the stunning new iPad Air is absolutely no exception. Everyone has their own preferences, but we want to know; are you using a case with your new iPad Air?

Apple launched the iPad Air with a couple of pretty great case options of their own, the Smart Cover and the Smart Case. While the Smart Cover only protects the front, for most of us the screen is the part we want to protect the most. After all, it's the part we spend pretty much the whole time looking at. The Smart Case combines a Smart Cover with an all over protective case that's pretty durable, but also pretty pricey. We've taken a look at both, so be sure to check out the respective posts if you're looking for more, links can be found down below.

It doesn't end with Apple cases either. Both iPad and iPhone have had thriving markets for cases from third-party manufacturers. There are far to many to list, but there's a lot. Some even turn to third-party cases for an integrated keyboard. I had just such a case for my iPad 4, and was the primary reason I went third-party in the first instance.

So, what are you using right now? Case? No case? Drop your vote up top, then jump on into the comments below and let me know what you're using – or not using – and why.