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Patrick writes in:

I updated to 1.1.3 and love it but now I am being asked for my email [...] all the time when I click on mail and it isn’t storing it.. also it isn’t storing the voicemail password.. can you help me out please so I don’t have to go back to 1.1.2

Eep. Looks like you're one of the many to experience weirdness with 1.1.3, my sincere condolences.

When it comes to fixing weird bugs like this I am personally fond of the brute force methodology. Plug in your iPhone and sync it up. Next step, make sure you have all your email sitting safely on your desktop email client. Then, in iTunes, click that scary "Restore" button under your iPhone's "Summary" settings. This will erase everything (including your music) and then you can re-sync it. I'd then recommend setting it up as a "fresh device" instead of telling it was the previous device. You should then be able to re-set everything up, from your music to your contact list to your email.

If you're not fond of the "brute force" method above, the other thing to try is to just delete that email account on your iPhone and re-set it up. As for your voicemail, well, I guess I'd try to do the same. Honestly, though, I'm going to pitch this one to the Phone different community.

Somebody have a better fix for Patrick that doesn't involve a full restore?

(p.s. This is not strictly related to your question, but I'd also recommend maybe switching your email away from your current address to Gmail or Yahoo. The benefit is that you will be able to use that even if you switch ISPs. Yahoo will give you instant push, Gmail will give you sweet sweet IMAP support)