AT&T adds two new tiers to their Mobile Share plans

AT&T announced two additions to it's Mobile Share plans, a 300MB tier and a 2GB tier. The 300MB tier is aimed more at basic tiers, while the 2GB plan, at $50 per month, is meant to give more flexibility to those customers that need more than 1GB, says AT&T.

The 300 MB plan is only $20 a month, with additional costs per device added. Now, customers with basic and quick-messaging devices can share data and unlimited talk and text for as low as $50 a month and smartphone customers for $70 a month.

The new 2 GB plan provides another choice for customers whose data needs exceed our existing 1 GB plan available today.

Both AT&T's Mobile Share plans are allow customers to share a pool of data between several devices without the need for separate accounts for phones and other devices. So rather than paying AT&T separately for the data on your iPad with LTE, you add it to your existing AT&T bill. Both AT&T and Verizon push customers towards these shared data plans, though in AT&T's case, individual plans for singular devices are still offered.

If you want to sign up for either of these new Mobile Share tiers, you can do so beginning this Friday, July 26. Anyone planning on doing that?

Source: AT&T

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