According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson took the opportunity, while speaking at an investor conference, to once again talk about the iPhone remaining on his network, and also touch on the iPad, problems in New York and San Francisco, variable pricing, and Apple's new darling, the iPad.

  • While Stephenson doesn't seem to have insisted the iPhone would remain exclusive on AT&T, he does say the iPhone will remain an important part of their offerings for "quite some time".
  • He's pleases with the steps AT&T is taking to address network problems and dropped calls in New York and San Francisco. "We're hitting our metrics," he said. "I feel really good about our path." And call quality should improve by mid-2010.
  • Stephenson claims AT&T is carrying half of US wireless traffic due to the amount of data use the iPhone generates. Carriers will have to eventually move to "variable pricing" so that heavy users are charged more and light users, less. [The iPad is a sign they're already doing that?]
  • AT&T is "not in a tremendous hurry" to roll-out their 4G network; it won't be widely available, and there won't be a good amount of products using it, until 2012

So if we mash that all together, even if the iPhone also pops up elsewhere, you'll still be able to get it on an improved AT&T network with tiered pricing (perhaps similar to the iPad's $15 for 256MB, $30 for unlimited) until LTE is wide spread in 2012 and the iPhone 4G replaces everything.

How's that grab you?