If the above screenshot really is an internal document via AT&T, there's some doubt as to whether or not AT&T is going to have any white iPhones on stock for launch day (or in the coming days after). This document seems to have leaked over at modmyi.com.  TiPb aren't too sure whether or not this is a hoax (maybe just to scare Leanna). We'd assume at least the Apple stores will carry the white models.  Seeing as this is an AT&T internal document, we don't see this holding any bearing on what Apple will have at launch.

Maybe Apple is keeping the white iPhones as of now in order to keep their stores in stock until more shipments are pushed out?  Even if that were the case, I'd still find that a bit odd.  Pre-ordering starts tomorrow so we should find out either way.  We're going to see what we can find out on AT&T's end. BGR has stated AT&T declines to comment and are now reporting the same thing may be happening in Germany as well (and we saw Softbank in Japan announce black-only earlier today).  They seem to think this may very well be the case.  Until we find out more, I'd take this one with a grain of salt, and definitely wouldn't extend this to what will happen in the Apple stores on June 24th.  What do you guys think?

[BGR via modmyi.com]