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Steve Jobs mentioned the possibility of a 3G back in September, when he was announcing the iPhone on O2. He was asked a question about 3G and when we'd see it in the iPhone. His response back in September was telling:

"We've got to see the battery life for 3G get back up into the five-plus hour range, before it's really suitable for [the iPhone]. I think we'll see that hopefully late next year. But right now, you make a really big tradeoff to go to 3G, and that's really bad battery life."
Well, AT&T's Randall Stephenson had a big PR quotefest that you can read over at Bloomberg, and he mentions again that the iPhone would be coming out in 2008, but without the 'late' part. A lot of naysayers will use that to back up their crazy predictions of 3G iPhones arriving 'May 2008.' They may do well to note that Jobs is not so optimistic: he's thinking hopefully late next year, meaning there's a real possibility of 2009.