Business Insider claims that AT&T is going to count Micro Cell usage against your data limits. Go ahead, curse like you're in a Tarantino pic, we'll wait...

Here's the nut: AT&T will sell you an iPhone (or any phone) and sign you up to an expensive, tiered, capped, service contract even if they have lousy reception in your home or office. Then, if you want better reception, they'll sell you a $150 Micro Cell dongle that attaches to your broadband cable or DSL modem (which you pay for) and route your calls over your ISP instead. Then, if the reports are correct, they'll deduct the data you use over your wired network from your wireless plan. Use 1GB over Micro Cell, you only have 1GB left on your 2GB plan.

AT&T explains the practice by saying there is a cost to handle the data transmission once it hits AT&T's network, after it goes through your broadband pipe. (Likewise, it charges you for the voice minutes that you use over the Micro-Cell. But that's a different service.)

Perhaps this is true, that a cost exists, but there's NO WAY that transmitting data over AT&T's massive fiber network is nearly as expensive or laborious as transmitting data over its wireless network, which was the whole point for the wireless data caps and overage fees.

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Hopefully this is an "error" and AT&T will "correct" it asap.