The Consumerist posted a interesting little story that caught our attention. It goes something like this: A customer replaced his 8 GB iPhone 3G with a 16 GB model within the first month of his service. After receiving his new iPhone 3G, it was later stolen. Now he is not being allowed to purchase a new iPhone 3G from AT&T and Apple. Keep in mind he intends to pay the full, unsubsidized price of the phone but it seems AT&T may think he's unlocking these phones. Here is the consumers letter:

I origninally bought an 8gb and returned it for a 16gb within the first 30 days of service. Now I lost my 16gb and they won't sell me another for 18 months! After using my lunch break I went back to work and decided I would try again at another ATT store. The next store said they had to deal with the same problem and asked me if I was attached to my phone number. They offered to cancel my line and start another, or add a line so that I could purchase an iPhone. I told them this was not an option because I had to pay an ETF through Verizon to keep this number and I would not part with it. I also did not need another line and would not pay more for monthly service, especially if I was about to pay $500 for a replacement iPhone. I then asked to speak to the manager who said that he would emails his ops team, whatever that means.

Have any of you ran into this problem? Personally we have yet to hear this happening to anyone else. Could there be more to this story...?

[Via The Consumerist]