AT&T has apparently been watching Roger's desperate, retreat-action PR spin and thinking, "Yeah, let's not do that." So instead they've done something typical and something a little surprising. The typical thing: they've issued a press release with some crunchy details, including:

  • Price for those ineligible to upgrade: $399 for the 8GB and $499 for the 16GB -- these still require a 2 year agreement
  • (Edit: whoops, misread the press release) -- no-contract iPhone 3Gs will eventually be available at $599 and $699
  • Minute Plans and FamilyTalk Details
  • $18 upgrade fee (?!!?! Is this new?)
  • Text options on top of your $30 data plan: $20 for unlimited, $15 for 1500, $5 for 200
  • iPhone 2.0 software will be pre-loaded on iPhone 3G
  • One more: Confirmed that they'll start selling at 8am local time.

It's a far cry from the simplicity of the original iPhone plan, but hey, at least we know now. AT&T apparently anticipated possible outcry, confusion, and panic, too. So here's the nonstandard part: they're released a series of videos on YouTube (first one is above) detailing what you need to do to be "iReady." In addition to the above, there's details on how to "make your original iPhone a hand-me-down" and how to "switch to AT&T for the iPhone 3G"

Alright, we have to Wait-a-Thon this. What do you think of the un-contracted prices? What do you think of the "upgrade fee?" Plans? Anybody else need a Xanax? Comment for your chance to win one of the last $100 iTunes Gift Cards we're giving away.

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