If you haven't checked your AT&T eligibility date, you may want to. We noticed a couple weeks ago that AT&T was starting to roll back eligibility dates for some users, so here's another reminder.

I picked up my 3GS on launch day and until yesterday, my upgrade eligibility date said 6/20/2010.  I didn't expect mine to change if the next iPhone would appear after that date.  Well this morning, looks like I'm eligible right now.  As we all know, iPhone releases are typically done on a Friday. If the iPhone G4 was set to release on the 25th of this month or the 2nd of July, why would they be pushing back those who would already be eligible on that day?

Interesting indeed.  Could this mean an iPhone G4 could land on either the 11th or 18th of this month?  We are thinking that could be the case. What do you guys think?

You can check your AT&T eligibility at any time by either logging into your AT&T account and going to "Check Upgrade Options" on your account overview screen, or you can dial * NEW # (* 639 #) from your phone and you'll get an automated text.  Check your eligibility and let us know if you see any changes!