AT&T may be further relaxing its restrictions on FaceTime over cellular, allowing anyone with access to the feature to use it. AT&T had previously announced that all iPhone 5 customers, including those on individual plans, would be able to use the feature. Anyone with an iPhone 4S or a grandfathered unlimited data plan on AT&T was left out in the cold. However, it now appears that several customers previously unable to use FaceTime over cellular have been able to activate it. MacRumors reports that some of their users are seeing FaceTime enabled on their grandfathered unlimited data plans with the iPhone 5, with some users reporting that their 4S has recieved the feature as well:

This finding has been confirmed by a number of users in this discussion thread -- though some users have been unable to activate it so it may still be rolling out to some areas. AT&T had said the original rollout for tiered plans could take 8-10 weeks. Most of the positive responses have been those with the iPhone 5 and grandfathered unlimited data, but the original poster also had luck with an iPhone 4S.

Right now, AT&T has not confirmed that this is. Not everyone is seeing this, so it’s possible that this is an accidental activation that occured as AT&T was flipping the switch on the original expansion plan for FaceTime over cellular.

To check if FaceTime over cellular has been enabled on your device, go to Settings, FaceTime, and scroll to the bottom to see if Use Cellular Data is set to ‘On’. You may need to restart your phone before you see it.

Are you an AT&T iPhone 5 user with unlimited data or an iPhone 4S user? Are you seeing this? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: MacRumors