AT&T offers T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch

AT&T is starting out 2014 in a fighting mood. They're aiming their crosshairs at T-Mobile by offering current T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch their service to AT&T instead.

It isn't a straight up $450 check, though - there's a catch. If you trade in your existing T-Mobile handset, AT&T will give you a promotional card worth "up to $250" for use toward AT&T products including a new phone.

"Trade-in values will vary based on make, model and age of the smartphone, but many of the latest and most popular smartphones will qualify for a value of $250," said AT&T.

AT&T will also give you an additional $200 per line when you switch your service from T-Mobile, and if you already own an unlocked device, you can take it with you. Otherwise you'll need to sign up for an AT&T Next plan, AT&T's upgrade program that enables you to turn in your handset for a new one every 12 months instead of waiting the customary two years for your contract to complete.

AT&T claims it has the most reliable 4G LTE network in the country, though it still plays second fiddle to rival Verizon in terms of overall customer base. Curious about how AT&T service works in your area? Check out this coverage map.

Well, T-Mobile customers: Is the money incentive enough to switch to AT&T, the nation's second largest carrier? Or are you going to stick with T-Mobile? Sound off in the comments.

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