AT&T has been prepping a new advertisement plan to do what they can to keep people from switching to the Verizon iPhone. AT&T plans to focus its ads on the fact they say their network has faster 3G speeds and overall performs better than Verizon's network (not sure who they are fooling with that!).

More so than just advertising, AT&T has been taking other steps in preparation for this day of the lose of exclusivity. They have been investing in improvements to their highly criticized network as well as been promoting lower prices for older iPhone models and introducing Android and Windows Phone 7 devices.

AT&T's Chief Executive of Wireless Business, Ralph de la Vega, was asked Monday about what their plans were for the time when they lose exclusivity of the iPhone:

We are ready for it. The short- and long-term viability of AT&T will be good whether we have exclusivity or not. We are much bigger than this.

According to Consumer Reports, AT&T was ranked dead last being named the worst carrier in the US. AT&T better have a good plan in place to make up for all the issues they have run into since the iPhone launched.

One interesting note about this entire thing is the fact AT&T seemed to hit big with allowing customers to upgrade early to the iPhone 4 locking them into a brand new 2-year contract with early termination fees hitting at $325 per smartphone on your plan. This would be big revenue for AT&T if people decide to defect prior to their contract expiring.

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