AT&T released some pretty impressive numbers today with 5.2 million iPhone activations in Q3 2010. The iPhone obviously contributes a significant portion of AT&T's smartphone sales, or what they are referring to as "integrated devices". AT&T also claims that over 80% of postpaid activations (contract lines) were integrated devices. Around 8 million integrated devices were sold in total. Since the iPhone can only be sold with a contract, it's safe to assume those 5.2 million iPhones were a portion of that 8 million. That means that around 65% of AT&T's smartphone activations were iPhones. That's tremendous. It also tops AT&T's previous record for iPhones activated in a quarter, which was 3.2 million.

AT&T relies heavily on iPhone sales to boost their margins and bottom line when it comes to smartphone sales and data plan sales. If another carrier in the US should start carrying the iPhone, that could hit AT&T where it hurts. A lot of people that are tied into family plans and business accounts (which is a good majority), are probably less likely to migrate due to the cost of ETFs and migrating. Users that are out of contract or on single line plans may be more prone to jump ship. I'm personally one who thinks not as many people will leave when they realize how much it'll cost them. AT&T's got them for a year or two. What do you guys think?