Along with the rollout of iPhone comes new data plan pricing, according to AppleInsider.

Meanwhile, Carter hinted that iPhone "may offer cool features such as unlimited Web browsing." However, customers should be prepared to pay extra for that luxury. "Regardless of which device you're using today, you pay us a certain amount for (voice) minutes, and you also pay us for data units," he said. "That is also true on the iPhone."

Wait, what? I already pay $19, on top of voice, for unlimited data, which includes all-you-can-eat web browsing. Is AT&T planning to further sodomize me with some form of premium iPhone-only data plan? In the words of the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, "that's bullshit!".

[UPDATE:]Now AT&T is saying it will announce data pricing before launch day. Oh well, doesn't matter. The news won't be good. We're still getting screwed.