AT&T is doing the right thing (never mind that this most was likely something that they were forced into). Namely, they're going to pro-rate the cancellation fee that you have to pay if you leave your 1 or 2 year plan early:

Starting on May 25, AT&T's new and renewing wireless customers who enter into one- or two-year service agreements will no longer be required to pay a single, flat early termination fee. Instead, that fee, which is $175, will be progressively lowered by $5 during each month, every month, for the term of the contract - [Mobiledia]

Good news, although it doesn't apply to those of us who are already on a contract with them -- just new contracts. They had announced this back in October, but now we know when it will actually start. Good on you, AT&T.

This here be a Wait-a-Thon post, comment for a chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card! Speaking of Wait-a-Thon, we missed a couple of weeks there because yours-truly was discombobulated by covering the CTIA conference for our sister site, WMExperts. Let me therefore congratulate two winners: nickbw and DaffyHercules!

So we have AT&T promising to be more "open," we have the iPhone changing how they handle activation and rate plans generally, and now we have them offering a more reasonable cancellation fee if you need to get out. What else would you like to see AT&T change?