iHulk Smash 3G Rumers

AT&T giveth, and AT&T taketh away. Or so they say...

Hot on the heels of an apparent AT&T web glitch that everyone and their blogs assumed leaked something called the "iPhone Black", and some maybe corroboration from a UK accessory web store selling what looks like current gen stock under the "iPhone Black" label, reader Bad Ash points out that the Tilt (and maybe other handsets?) were also being listed as "Black", i.e. "Tilt Black".

Now AT&T itself has scrambled... er... stepped up to tell Gizmodo that:

[T]he iPhone Black dropdown reference on the AT&T Wireless website is just a temporary placeholder. The spokesperson says that it was used over the weekend for a "scheduled catalog update," distinguishing the various iPhone models (4GB, 8GB and 16GB). Sorry dudes, the 3G iPhone is probably not called the iPhone Black. Unless, of course, the spokesperson was just covering AT&T's butt, which could always be possible.

So, either AT&T is capable of perplexingly odd website errors where they unintentionally surface tantalizingly named product fillers onto production servers, or El Jobso chewed them a new one, is even now changing the iPhone 3G's release name, and spinning AT&T to cover?

Or is that just what they want us to think?