According to emails sent from AT&T employees to MacDailyNews readers, the network is working hard to enable iPhone tethering as soon as possible. Many of our readers are still waiting patiently to see when AT&T will flip the switch on iPhone tethering and if you contact AT&T the following are the contents of the cookie cutter reply you will receive in your inbox.

"Thank you for your recent email AT&T. Tethering the iPhone is a priority for us and we are working hard to make it available as soon as possible. As you might imagine, we want to make sure that we deliver a quality customer experience from the start. We don't have details yet but will be sure to make a news announcement when tethering becomes available. Thanks again for your feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to write." We know what you may be thinking but lets give AT&T the benefit of the doubt here and lets pretend we see tethering enabled in the near future, would you prefer to have it implemented right the first time or are you simply sick of waiting and want it enabled now? Or could you care less? Sound off in the comments below!