Okay, so the iPhone stole the Nintendo DS' portability, touch screen (albeit capacitive instead of retro resistive), creative input methods (like blowing into the mic), and emphasis on casual, on-the-go gaming. And since all's fare in love and console wars, is it really a surprise that the big N has decided to follow Apple's lead -- and the growing Google Android Market, RIM BlackBerry App World, Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace, Palm (Pre Store?) conga line -- with the launch of their own direct download DSiWare application store alongside their new DSi hardware.

Sure, DSi doesn't have ubiquitous internet connectivity like 2G or 3G enabled smartphones, so it's WiFi only (WPA if you can dig it out of the settings). You also have to buy credit in ridiculous $20 chunks (some things never change, eh, money-grabbers?), but this will no doubt appeal to gamers who want new stuff now, now, now, and developers who want to excise the the usual 75% retail+licensing cut, along with manufacturing, storage, shipping, and other physical media related costs.

Ars Technica has an excellent article up with all the details and developer comments, and it's certainly worth the read.

Our question is, is the iPhone enough for your casual gaming needs or do you also carry a DS (and/or PSP) everywhere you go, and will DSiWare make you more likely to carry a DS in the future?