Confession: My secret, innermost desire for the iPhone 3G was a 420p display. I knew Apple wouldn't do it yet -- there was nothing in their simultaneously released SDK to support any other resolutions -- but still... I wants-ded it!

Imagine my fanboy chagrin, then, when HTC goes and not only makes a device in exactly the same dimensions as the iPhone 3G (obvious much?), but slaps a monstrous 800x480 display on the beast! (Not to mention a 5(!) megapixel camera)

The HTC Touch HD (which we're pretty sure means "Hi Dieter!" -- see the afore-linked WMExperts for why...) represents the next expansion of HTC's Touch brand -- something spread so thin Asus' Eee marketeers are wincing. It may seem questionable to show the HD off this early (it's not expected to land until 2009, and doesn't even seem to support US 3G frequencies yet) since, frankly, who's not gonna put off Osbourne-ing a Touch, Touch Duo, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, etc. when this baby's around the bend, but we're guessing the announcement was aimed more at Apple's gut than any potential customers' wallet.

And in that regard -- ouch!

Sure, it doesn't have the Apple/iPod ecosystem behind it and it's still using TouchFLo 3D to try to hide the UE (user exasperation) that is Windows Mobile 6.1, and multiple layers of OS are never a Good Thing, but this is the first iClone that's actually got us worried.

Apple, you've got almost four months until Macworld 09, and we've got three newly urgent words for you: iPhone HD, b'okay?