Pop Quiz: You're the brain trust up at RIM and Samsung. You know that Apple might just be dropping something hawt today, and last time they did that they set your profitable if complacent industry on its ear, and your execs scrambling to clone catch up. So, your on the precipice of the WWDC 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote -- the only thing anyone has been talking about of late -- what do you do?

If you answered stay quiet and wait for the hype to pass, you're now officially smarter than either RIM or Samsung. Absent something innovative and decidedly non-Apple of their own to announce, better not to announce anything at all.

Which, of course, is why the RIM all Touch-screen, all the time Blackberry Thunder iClone "leaked" via Boy Genius and and the Samsung's i900 iClone is all over Engadget.

Nice try, but buying a cheap knock-off of the prom queen's dress and showing up before her at the dance won't hide the fact that you're hairy dudes with three-piece clone-suits on underneath.

Overly harsh? Maybe, but it's an iPhone blog on Jobsnote day. They shoulda know betta. In fact, they shoulda saved their energy for their soon-to-be-launched iClone 2.0 initiatives...

(Though they did get some press, eh?)