Verizon recently announced a bunch of things -- that users would be able to use unlocked cell phones on their service, that they were doing a 180 and would be supporting Google's Android, and that they were going to start thinking of their network as an open network. Of course, the cynical (meaning John Paczkowski of AllThingsD) figure that Verizon will charge per-byte data charges to prevent their network from turning into "dumb pipe" (video link) just like how Verizon's parent company Vodafone does it in Europe.

Of course, that creates a new PR blurb for AT&T: their network has always been open and they don't monitor, notice, or care what phone you use. The cynical make a joke in the headline about being "most open to the U.S. government," zing, but that it wasn't a PR point until Verizon did their new open bit. It was just assumed as part of the open nature of GSM.

While those two wireless giants fight it out with themselves, the irony that remains is that the iPhone is actually a pretty closed device as it stands currently.