Audible updates to 2.0, adds iPad support

Audible has released a major update to its iOS app, finally adding iPad support. Previously limited to the iPhone and iPod touch, Audible is now a universal app. In addition to iPad support, version 2.0 also boasts a updated interface for the iPhone, adding larger playback buttons, along with improved navigation and a new library filter that allows you to hide titles that you have finished.

Finally, Audible now allows you to download up to three hours of audio over cellular, either 3G or LTE. The ability to download the portion of your next book without having to find Wi-Fi will be a boon to the many users who listen to audiobooks while on the go.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to purchase audiobooks directly from the app. You can download any book that’s already in your collection, but you must by the book on the Audible website first in order to do so. Given Apple’s rules on in-app purchases -- namely that Apple gets 30% of all purchases -- it makes sense that Amazon, which owns Audible, wouldn’t want to give up all their own profits just to sell content through the app. They do the same thing with the Kindle app.

Ultimately, users don’t care why they can’t get content, they just care that they can’t get it. So let's everyone figure that out.

If you’re an Audible user, this update is a must-have. Grab it, and make sure to head on over to our iMore books forum and let us know what you're currently reading.

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