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New iPhone Emulator: GameBoy Advanced

There's a new Nintendo emulator for the iPhone. Beyond the venerable Nintendo emulator, there's now the GameBoy and GameBoy Advanced emulator named gpSPhone for the iPhone., made possible by some of the same folks that brought you I'm guessing you can expect gpSPhone to mature fairly quickly.. There are limitations, you have to supply your own boot ROM, you have to hack your iPhone first, and sound support is iffy at best, and you definitely have to install it to /Applications, but those are meager gripes about a software emulator at version 0.0.5. [via TUAW]

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Apple in Talks with China Mobile for iPhone


p>China Mobile revealed that they are having talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to China. The deal was revealed by China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou, but they have yet to really seal the deal. From an executive spokesperson at China Mobile:

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Apple Keeps Giving Quotes to Pocket Lint

Apple continues to grant interviews to, and there are some good quotes in there. These money quotes sum up the essential approach to their work on the iPhone and how it's like a little zen garden. A walled zen garden, to be sure -- there are some things that you just can't do that don't make any sense, but a zen garden nonetheless. More on that later. Anyway, to the quotes:

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1.1.2 Officially Released Last Night

Here I had thought that Apple released it on Friday, in conjunction with their european iPhone launch. No, they officially launched it Monday night, to little fanfare. Again, there isn't much to this update. It closes the TIFF vulnerability that allows people to easily hack their iPhones at, that's about it.

My understanding of feature updates is this: Apple has to dangle the carrot to make official firmwares more compelling than unofficial, hacked firmwares. Are iTunes charging icons and international keyboards going to cut it?

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Round Robin: Windows Mobile Fond Farewell

Of all the smartphones we test during the Smartphone Round Robin, the constraints of our phone exchange is felt most with the Windows Mobile 6 AT&T Tilt. One week is just not enough to get a full grasp on what Windows Mobile can do. If you've read some of my other reviews, you'll hopefully recognize that as a compliment-dig.

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Possible iPhone Inspiration

iPhone in Europe

After a full weekend of the iPhone in Europe, how well has the iPhone been doing? Well, T-Mobile reported that they sold 10,000 iPhones on the first day. That's not too shabby; it's not an incredibly high number either, but it's not bad either.

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New iPhone / iTunes Software Roundup

So, iTunes 7.5 is out, along with iPhone firmware version 1.1.2. The new iTunes has been out almost a week, and the iPhone software has been available since Friday. How far along have hackers come?

Well, in iTunes 7.5, free ringtones are back. It turns out that you can do the old trick of renaming an AAC music file to turn it into a ringtone. To get it to work, take any 30 second m4a file in finder, rename the extension to be m4r, and drag it in to iTunes. Voila!

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Filesharing for iPhone and iPod Touch

O2 Launch Imminent

There's a big line at the mothership Regent Street Apple Store in London. The line started forming yesterday, and though there hasn't been torrents of rain pouring down on the line waiters like there was in Germany, it's been fairly cold -- about 45° F. Still, the mood is chipper, and everyone is looking forward to getting their iPhone, and they'll only have to wait about 2.5 hours before the official launch at 6:02 London time.

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News from Deutschland

figure 1: Deutschland is the German word for Germany

Well, the iPhone has officially launched in Germany with T-Mobile, and with fanfare at that. reports that there was a bunch of hooting and hollering, which reminds me of the Mall of America launch -- they did a good job of making people feel like they were part of something big. Even if it was just for waiting for the release of a smartphone in a collapsible chair for 11 hours.

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iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 Out

Apple has released the 1.1.2 firmware for the iPhone out into the wild a little early, probably so that folks in Europe can download it directly when they get home. The 1.1.2 update weighs in at about 160MB, and it does update the baseband radio as well, bringing the radio software to 04.02.13_G (from 04.01.13_G in case you were wondering, and you probably weren't). You can download the update directly from Apple.

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iPhone Vetoes Carrier Veto Power

figure 1: It is with a heavy heart that Pogue informs us that the latest Windows Mobile phone from T-Mobile blows.

David Pogue has an excellent article on how the iPhone really broke down a bunch of barriers in the smartphone world, the best he claims, is "the way Apple took veto power away from the cellphone carriers."

So yeah, that's just the first sentence. The unfortunate part of the article is that most of the rest of it is a review for a T-Mobile Windows Mobile device. The good news is this: if you want to think about how awesome your iPhone is compared to a poorly-implemented Windows Mobile device, the second half of his article will really interest you. There's a silver lining in every cloud, right?

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Enable Push Email on iPhone

There's a neat way to enable push email on your iPhone so you can be notified of emails when they arrive, just like a BlackBerry. Push email has long been available with the IMAP idle command, though not many clients seem to support it. Getting the new push program on your iPhone requires that you jailbreak your phone, so if you need push email, you may want to hold of on tomorrow's firmware update. The software is still in beta but apparently still works as advertised.

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Apple Confirms 1.1.2 Friday

Apple has confirmed to that the next firmware update, version 1.1.2, will be available tomorrow. The update brings several internationally-themed updates like international keyboards. UK users also get access to free wi-fi via The Cloud.

This update will fix the TIFF vulnerability, meaning that users can browse a bit safer. However, the closing of this security vulnerability means that the extremely easy AppSnapp method of installing 3rd party apps found at will cease to work.

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Jobs #2 in Last 25 Years

Steve Jobs was voted the #2 most important person in technology in the last 25 years by the Computing Technology Industry Association by pulling in 73% of voters. Bill Gates, the #1 most important person, pulled in 84%.

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CEOs Fiddle

There have been a lot of snarky comments about Apple in the press lately, usually from big media companies or other smartphone competitors. There are so many CEOs fiddling while Apple burns down their little walled cities, there's enough of them for an orchestra. Or at least a hoedown.

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Round Robin: AT&T Tilt

For the past few days, I've been working with the AT&T Tilt, a Windows Mobile smartphone. I've used Windows Mobile before, so this isn't quite the new experience that the BlackBerry Curve was, but I haven't used the latest version of Windows Mobile (version 6) either. I used WM5 with a Treo 750 for a while, but I ended up dealing with a bad bug that prevented calls from ringing. That was pretty much a killer for the device, and I stopped using it.

And that would be the end of the story, but for the Smartphone Round Robin. And here we are again.

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Apple Making a Tablet PC?

An employee of Asus -- the company that builds many of Apple's laptops -- told CNET that they are making a tablet PC from Apple. It's apparently a brand new tablet design, not one that Asus has used before. The device could be introduced as early as January, at Mac World Expo 2008. Crave at CNET surmises that the tablet will take many OS cues from the iPhone, incorporating finger flicking, cover flow, and other gesture-based movements.

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iTunes Store Ringtone Playlist for iPhone

Apple has selected a bunch of songs that make for popular ringtones and placed them in an easy-to-find section of the iTunes store. I'm getting tired of my old custom alarm ringtone (I only made one) and I think it's time to wake up to something new.

Ringtones: the Playlists

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