AutoDesk releases Pixlr, a new photo editor for Mac

AutoDesk has released a Pixlr, a new desktop app for editing images. Pixlr can be used not only to touch up and fix your photos, but also to add a wide variety of effects. Like AutoDesk's recent Sketchbook update, Pixlr utilizes a teired membership system, with paying members unlocking more features.

Pixlr features a number of tools to help you work with photos. You can of course crop, rotate, and resize. You can use the Auto Fix tool to make quick corrections. The Double Exposure tool lets you merge two pictures to create a single image. Pro level members get access to Influence Masks, which let you enhance specific elements of a photo, and double exposure tools, which you can use to adjust transparency and blend images.

Pixlr is free to download, and you can subscribe directly through AutoDesk, as well as using your iTunes account. There is a Starter membership, which includes basic photo editing and over 600 effects for free, without requiring an account. The Essentials membership requires an account, but is also free, and lets you use more tools and effects. Finally, the Pro membership, which cost $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year opens up access to all features of the app.

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