It's now easier than ever to advertise with iAd

Apple's official expanding the breadth of iAd ad system for iPhone and iPad by partnering with three established advertising firms: Rubicon Project, MediaMath, and AdRoll. The first actually posted the news two days ago, and now we're learning more about the full extent of the collaboration that will bring more advertisers into the iAd fold, possibly helping boost revenues for both developers using Apple's advertising platform and for Apple themselves.

MediaMath cites 250,000 apps on iOS devices in more than 100 nations as the reach advertisers will see through them and iAd:

MediaMath clients who incorporate iAd into their digital marketing efforts will be able to engage consumers with rich ad experiences across a wide range of mobile devices. The offering allows advertisers to leverage Apple's exclusive targeting data or automatically find the best audiences for a given ad using insights from billions of Apple transactions. MediaMath clients will also benefit from streamlined campaign setup & management, a wide range of reporting including metrics from tap-through rates to video completes, simplified billing, and early access to new features and functionality.

MediaMath has signed up retailer L.L.Bean as one of their first iAd clients. The expansion of iAd to these three partners will see iAd inventory reaching the open advertising marketplace, taking some of the burden off of Apple and making it easier for advertisers to get into iAd-support apps.

Source: MediaMath; Via: AppleInsider